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Product management course for people interested in a career change.
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Course for future Product Leaders
Gain in-demand skills & competence
With interactive learning platform with 50+ lectures, 60+ cases studies & practical assignments
Build your confidence for an interview
By polishing your CV & portfolio with a career consultant. Prepare for interviews with the interview simulator and get feedback from hiring managers
Get your first product management job
Choose a suitable position from 10K+ openings and apply to your dream job. Get live support from a career coach during the hiring process
Ensure your professional growth
Get professional support during your 3 first months on a new job. Create a professional development plan to ensure your career growth further
Course Overwiew
  • Student Profile
    Aspiring product managers and professionals, interested in a product management career.
    55% of students have no STEM background
  • Course Objectives
    To shape the product management mindset and to provide theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills. Prepare students to perform independently and efficiently product manager tasks
  • Duration & Schedule
    Self-paced course.
    100% online.
    10-15 hours per week X 4-6 months.
    Live session with mentors

  • Student-centred education
    Learning path adapts to student's professional goals and professional background, in order to focus on key gap areas without repetitions of unnecessary skills
  • Practice-oriented methodology
    Education plan is based on Experience, Practice & Application principles. Online and interactive platform allows students build skills and apply new knowledge
  • Career Support
    Dedicated career consultant creates an individual development plan to help students improve their employability skills
What you will learn during
Basic Product Management Course
No previous experience needed.
No coding involved.
The program focuses on building practical skills.
Course Content
• What main responsibilities and tasks of product manager are
• How to dive quickly into the running project
• How to motivate your team and what frameworks to use
• How to build Customer Journey Map, run a User research and build Prototypes, Mockups and Wireframes
• How to analyze metrics and prioritize features applying Data-driven approach
• Build a Tree of metrics and Impact mapping
• Develop product thinking and product culture
• How to build, analyze and optimize funnels.
• How to segment the market and what the cohort analysis is
• How to run A/B tests and make decisions according to the results
• What the Growth hacking is and how to find your Growth points
• Growth hacking and conversions
• How to calculate Unit-Economy of the product and plan budgets
Program Director

Andrew Mende

Program Director

Product Manager with a penchant for Data Science.
Based in Amsterdam.

Andrew has 8+ years of Product / Project manager experience in transnational companies.
Including, the world-wide leading online travel agency (since 2017) and Yandex, the largest internet company in the Russian-speaking market.

Graduated from The Stockholm School of Economics (MBA) & from St.Petersburg State University (M.Sc in Economics)

Skills: Product Management / Data Science / Digital Innovation / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Project Management / Technology strategy / Agile development
Academic Advisors
  • Alex Zanin
    Product Manager
  • Prashant Kumar
    Senior Product Manager
  • Anna Naumova
    Senior Product Manager
  • Michael Karpov
    Product Director
  • Amit Baliga
    Product Manager
    Harvard Business Review
  • Roman Abramov
    Product Director
Satisfying: 4.1 out of 5 is an overall job satisfaction level according to Glassdoor.
Why become a Product Manager?
In demand: 16,415 open product manager positions in the United Kingdom on LinkedIn in February 2021. Among companies hiring right now: Facebook, Amazon, Spotify, Revolut, Expedia and others.
Relevance: 85% of professionals believed that PM jobs will be relevant in 10 years (according to LinkedIn research)
Well paid: £60,221 / yr Median Base Salary per on Glassdoor
Simply the Best Job! Number 1 position in the UK in 2021 according to Glassdoor rating.

What students say about us

Data Engineer, Wrike
I really like the quality of the lecture materials, and especially the way the organizers and guest lecturers structured their experience into the presented lessons. I also like the fact that speakers have different views on product management, and have a wide variety of experience and specializations in the industry, because this allows the students to form their own understanding of the profession.
Senior marketing analyst,
Very useful and practical course! NPS-9 (so that there is room to grow on the second go :)) It's incredibly important that you can listen to and chat with great experts, learn about some interesting cases, ask any question you want after lectures and ask for further materials if you want to immerse yourself deeper into the topic, all without interfering with your day job. If I had to describe the course in 3 words, they would be: structure, communication, and growth!
Product Manager, 2GIS
There are many industry professional speakers who talk about the various processes in the different companies where they work and share their personal experience in solving various real-life work problems. They also pay close attention to questions and break them down incredibly well - you really get in-depth answers. If you don't have much practice, or if you would just like to become a product manager in general and immerse yourself in the profession, I recommend this course!
Project manager, Bookmate
Very cool course! Speakers are incredibly positive people and are very responsive - they will always answer you and advise you. The difficulty lies in coming up with a good question! :) I really like that there are many different lecturers from different fields, and each has their own experience and opinions. I think this really helps to see things from different angles. I would love to see more analyses of specific cases, but, of course, I can always ask for them. Thanks!
What is the course language?
Our focus is to give you an individual approach and the most relevant hands-on experience which you would be able to apply right after graduation. With our certification, you will demonstrate not only a solid fundamental knowledge of the process but real case solutions as well.
How a ProductStar University Certificate accelerates Your Career Growth
The course is in English with subtitles. If you are interested in courses in different languages, please contact us for open dates:
What is the duration of the program?
Depending on your schedule one module takes 4 to 6 months to complete
How much time do I need per week?
If your target to finish the course in 4-6 months, you'll need to spend around 10-15 hours per week studying. We strongly encourage our students to study on a regular basis, instead of having “marathons" once per month
What is the schedule?
It is a self-paced course, so you decided when and where to study. You’ll have 1 or 2 theoretical lectures per week and lots of practical assignments and cases to apply your knowledge
When is the start date and the application deadline?
The next start date is the 20th of May 2021.
If you are interested to get a special offer, you need to submit the application before the 15th of April.
Are there any exams?
Yes, the course includes a final exam - graduation work defence. To successfully pass it you’ll need to show that you are cable to apply product management skills.
Will I get hands-on experience?
We have more than 80+ real-life cases. You can include your solutions in your portfolio
What job background do I need to enrol?
Do I need to have a technical background to be a Product Manager?
There are no work-related or educational requirements to enrol. Your tailor-made educational path will be based on your previous experience and skillset. In fact, most of our students came from UX/UI, Data Analysis and Marketing roles. The only ⅓ of students has a technical background.
What is the tuition fee?
In April the tuition fee starts from 1599£ (normal fee 3299£) for 1 module of the programm.
The final tuition fee depends on your individual education plan. Please contacts us for more info
How would you help me to get my first job?
During your last Module, you’ll have a consultation with our Career Coaching team.
Typical job-search support includes: reviewing your CV and Portfolio, reviewing your social media profiles, interview simulators and coaching sessions. As well, our regular Job Newsletter

Why ProductStar University is the best
option for you?
Our 10 years of experience working with Product Star events allows us to create an individual approach for each student, here you will not get only "dry theory" but real hands-on cases, which you can include in your portfolio. Moreover, during your journey, you will have mentor support, and professional guidance, to ensure you can achieve your goals.