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What do I like to do?
What are my preferred tasks at work?
What are my interests?
What do I enjoy doing?
What industries attract me?
What types of companies attract me?
What type of product I'm interested in?
What are my values?

What are my soft skills?
What are and hard skills?
What are my qualifications?
What trainings and courses I took?
Where is my area of expertise?
How can I use my background?
What area of growth I have?
What are my strengths?

What skills are in demand?
What are the requirements?
What is asked in job descriptions?
What industries are growing?
What are the trends?
Where is my area of expertise?
How my background can be useful?
What is the compensation level?
Course Content
The course for Junior Product managers covers 10 main areas of Product Management
Strategy, Planning & OKR
Understand how to plan releases as well as how to build a roadmap and strategy for your product
User research
Implement advanced communication skills to gain valuable product development knowledge from your users
Work with confidence as you implement various prioritisation approaches to the features of your product
User Interface & user Experience Fundamentals. Key principles behind UI/UX
Designing & Running

MVP & Prototyping, quick hypothesis testing, A/B tests before you even reach the development phase
Product Analytics
Data-driven approach. Build end-to-end analytical models for your product -carry out and analyze the results of A/B tests with correct statistical significance
Sales, Marketing & monetisation
Create sales funnel, plan product launching, choose the right pricing and monetisation models
Working with People &
Communication Skills & Leadership. Team management & high-performance teams
Growth hacking
Understand how to promote the growth of your product many times over.
Product Economics
Analyse and search for your product's growth points using Unit-economy tools
Course for future Product Leaders
  • Student Profile
    Aspiring product managers and professionals, interested in a product management career.
    55% of students have no STEM background
  • Course Objectives
    To shape the product management mindset and to provide theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills. Prepare students to perform independently and efficiently product manager tasks
  • Duration & Schedule
    Self-paced course.
    100% online.
    10-15 hours per week X 4-6 months.
    Live session with mentors

  • Student-centred education
    Learning path adapts to student's professional goals and professional background, in order to focus on key gap areas without repetitions of unnecessary skills
  • Practice-oriented methodology
    Education plan is based on Experience, Practice & Application principles. Online and interactive platform allows students build skills and apply new knowledge
  • Career Support
    Dedicated career consultant creates an individual development plan to help students improve their employability skills
Why ProductStar?
Innovative education platform: study from world professionals, practice to build the skills, communicate mentor and your classmates, interact with the following product managers and track your progress.
ProductStar is the biggest part of ProductCamp community
You will become part of a friendly worldwide community. Keep in touch with your classmates and the best product management experts. Enjoy lifetime access to our events and networking opportunities
Academic Advisors

Andrew Mende

Program Director

Product Manager with a penchant for Data Science.
Based in Amsterdam.

Andrew has 8+ years of Product / Project manager experience in transnational companies.
Including, the world-wide leading online travel agency (since 2017) and Yandex, the largest internet company in the Russian-speaking market.

Graduated from The Stockholm School of Economics (MBA) & from St.Petersburg State University (M.Sc in Economics)

Skills: Product Management / Data Science / Digital Innovation / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Project Management / Technology strategy / Agile development
Our speakers are the Product Experts from world-leading companies such as; PayPal and Microsoft.
Over the last 10 years, we have been gathering pieces of knowledge from all around the world to give you only the best practices and hands-on experience

  • Alex Zanin
    Product Manager
  • Prashant Kumar
    Senior Product Manager
  • Anna Naumova
    Senior Product Manager
  • Michael Karpov
    Product Director
  • Amit Baliga
    Product Manager
    Harvard Business Review
  • Roman Abramov
    Product Director

Open product manager positions in the UK on LinkedIn in Marchy 2021. Among companies hiring right now: Facebook, Amazon, Spotify, Revolut, Expedia and others
CAD 114,860

Median Base Salary per on Glassdoor. Product management is one of the best-paying jobs in technology companies

Number 1 position in the UK in 2021 according to Glassdoor rating.

Tuition Fees
CAD 1980
CAD 1300
  • Access to the learning platform and 20+ practical cases.
  • Mentor home assignments feedback (2-4 days).
  • Career Coaching (class sessions + individual sessions).
  • Mock-up interviews & Interview simulator.
  • CV/portfolio/social media profiles feedback.
  • Subscription for Job-Newsletter from partners.

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CAD 330/month
  • Access to the learning platform and 20+ practical cases.
  • Mentor home assignments feedback (2-4 days).
  • Career Coaching (class sessions + individual sessions).
  • Mock-up interviews & Interview simulator.
  • CV/portfolio/social media profiles feedback.
  • Subscription for Job-Newsletter from partners.

Pay in 6 installments.
Product Management Career Path
ProductCamp University accelerates your growth!
To become a Senior Product Manager you can take the "old-school" way and develop your career over years. It will take years since you'd more likely be working with one product or feature in one company.
Or you use a "short cut" - the ProductCamp University platform. Within your tailor-made education path, you'll have an opportunity to accumulate a ton of practical experiences for multiply products.
20h of theory + 20 real-life cases
with ProductStar University
40h of theory + 50 real-life cases
with ProductStar University
60h of theory + 80 real-life cases
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