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Data Analytics: Next step

Take the next step in developing your Data Analyst career and land the most in-demand job in the UAE.

Format: 2 months of applied practice and 10 workshops + employment assistance.

46 hours of applied practice
1-on-1 mentorship + career coaching
Certificate "Qureos Certified"
7 mini projects for your portfolio
The next group starts on December 11th
Mohammed Hassan
Senior Data Analyst @ Talabat | Delivery Hero
Your trainer for this course:
Mohammed has built an amazing career in the field of Data Analytics - working in companies such as Talabat, Unilever and IBM. He will help students on the course on how to strengthen their hard skills and professionally master advansed tools (Terraform, Airflow, Apache Spark, Amazon SQS, Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes), as well as share his experience in building a career in Data Analytics.
See you on the course!

Data Analytics Program details

What you’ll learn in this data analytics course?

You’ll master the technical and strategic thinking skills needed to succeed as a Senior Data Analyst — transforming data insights into actionable recommendations that can drive change in almost any company.

- 2 months months of applied practice
- Online workshops twice a week with experts from UAE companies
- 7 mini projects for your portfolio
- Advanced Python, Foundations of Data Science, Amazon and Google Cloud infrastructures, Translate Data into Insights
- Only 10 students in a group
Сourse program
Mindset and Confidence - Cultivate a Winning Attitude
Body Language - Non-Verbal Communication Mastery
Stress Management - Keep Calm and Perform at Your Best
Preparing for the Unexpected - Navigate Challenging Situations with Ease
Maximize Interview Influence
Learn more about General Data Analyst Questions
Learn more about Technical questions
Learn more about Data warehouses
Learn more about other 4 categories of questions
Master Amazon's Leadership Principles
Devs Knowledge for Data Analyst
Product Design and Strategy Insights
Behavioral Interview Success
Embrace Careem's Core Values
Technical Knowledge for Success
Data Design and Strategy Mastery
Behavioral Interview Excellence
Module 3: Unlock the Secrets of Interview Process in Google, Amazon, Careem
Module 2: Visualization Tools:
Tableau and Power BI
Develop an advanced ability to use visualization tools:
Learn to prepare data, such as reshaping and removing bad data
Learn the basics of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
Work on a case study using the visualization tools you’ve learned
Module 1: Structured Foundations
Go Beyond the Numbers:
Translate Data into Insights
The Power of Statistics
Amazon and Google Cloud infrastructures
Advanced Python
Foundations of Data Science
The Nuts and Bolts of Machine Learning
Explore popular AI tools for analytics
You’ll work on two capstone projects to give you the hands-on knowledge
Qureos x Grey matter
The course was created in partnership between Qureos and Grey matter.

Qureos has a unique approach of personalized matching, connecting individuals with mentors, projects, and jobs that are perfectly suited to their career objectives.

Grey Matter was founded in 2014 as a company with high quality consulting and training professionals.

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  • Exclusive workshops with speakers & mentors
  • Mock up interview with HR from UAE company
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