To understand better which skills you need to improve, let's take a career aptitude test
You did a great job!
Imagine that you’ve just joined a project and the only thing you have is a detailed product development schedule. The answer to which question maximizes your chances of creating something valuable for users and minimizing wasted time?
The roadmap contains the following information:
Which of these questions should NOT be asked in a problem-solving interview?
The answer to which question will be most relevant for a deep customer interview?
What do the letters I, C, and E mean in the ICE-Scoring prioritization approach?
The prioritization of ideas should be based on what?
If you draw a draft of an interface idea (without color and with fake data), what is the term for this type of model?
What is the best time to show a product to users?
What should you do if you want to check whether customers are interested in your product?
Which of the following does not help to plan an A/B test?
You brilliantly did the half! Keep going!
How many users are necessary for conducting a preliminary analysis of bottlenecks in a funnel?
What kind of audience is required to conduct an A/B test?
What are the stages of the AIDA funnel?
If you have an existing product and want to make more money, which user segment do you need to communicate with first?
Choose the correct statement
What is NOT a product metric
When does the product’s growth phase begin?
Complete the statement In order to properly implement Growth Hacking, you need to understand when users are ...
There are 2 tasks: one is interesting, the other is boring. There are 2 developers available to do these tasks. What would a level 80 scrum master do in this situation?
Which behavioral model best motivates the team?